Fólkvangr Viking Village - Reenactors Pass

Fólkvangr is situated close to Gildehallen, in a field by the main festival area. The same general rules apply for the ordinary festival camp and Fólkvangr, but with a few changes/additions. The Reenactors Pass is meant for viking or medieval reenactors - therefore you are obliged to camp and dress historically when staying in Fólkvangr.

For questions regarding Folkvangr contact viking@midgardsblot.no

Please read before registering!


Check-in and setting up camp is available from noon Monday 15 August, and we recommend that you arrive Wednesday 17 August at the latest. You might have difficulties driving your gear to Fólkvangr after Wednesday as the area will be blocked from entering with cars sometime during Thursday. Get your wristbands and driving permits at the Midgard Historical Center.

The fighters will reside in Fólkvangr. This area needs to be respected, i.e. guests are prohibited from touching or trying out equipment without permition from the owner(s).

Weapons are forbidden – even blunt ones. Only Midgardsblot’s hired fighters are allowed any sort of weapons.

IMPORTANT: We understand the need for tools that can unfortunately be abused as weapons, but you bring them at your own peril, and they cannot be taken outside of Fólkvangr, by you or anyone else. We strongly recommend hiding them in your tents when not in use.

  • Use a fire pan that is at least 15 cm (6′′) above the ground.
  • Firewood will be provided for you, but try not to take more than you will need each day.
  • Ashes must be completely extinguished before dumping them safely in a designated area.
  • All tents must have a fire extinguisher placed to the right on the inside of the tent entrance.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed in the festival area. If you need to go grocery shopping during the festival, please enter through the designated gates. Show your wristband to the guards posted, they will be instructed to let you pass straight on through to Fólkvangr.
  • The festival area will have bars which are open until after midnight, and is therefore subject to alcohol restrictions (by Norwegian law) during opening hours. Fólkvangr is not affected by this, but please respect the guidelines stated in the general festival rules, and pay attention to the festival staff.
  • Keepers of the Reenactors Festivalpass are obligated to camp and dress historically (viking/ medieval). We do not adhere to "plastic alarms", but we do appreciate that you pick up after yourselves, and use the waste containers provided. Be a clean viking!
  • Fólkvangr will be open to the regular audience for a limited time each day during the festival, but this does not mean that you are under obligation to "be on display" (as you would at any historical festival)
  • You will be given a designated area for setting up your tent(s) upon arrival. Please let us know if you have any wishes for who else you'd like to camp with (other groups etc). We can't make any promises besides doing our best.
  • If you need to sell your ticket(s), you should contact us because of the special requirements for the Reenactors Pass. The recipient(s) of your tickets must also register and be accepted. We might ask you for pictures or «proof» that you are eligible to buy the Reenactors Pass. This is simply because we don't know you yet!
  • If there is any changes or new information, we will send it by email to the registered email adress. The person who registers, should forward any information to the other registered participants in the party.
By registering, you agree to full responsibility regarding this information and rules.